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Tuesday, November 24, 2008 --- After meeting this morning at Independence Hall, the National Executive of the People’s United Party announces the following unanimous decisions:

1. The Standard-bearer Convention hosted on Sunday 23 November 2008 in the Corozal South East Constituency is NULL AND VOID and in constitutional breach of the National Executive’s direction. Following the Municipal Elections in March 2009, the Party will announce the time table for standard-bearer conventions in all 31 constituencies, at which time Corozal South East will be required to have its official convention.
2. The National Executive, empowered under Article 9 Section 6 of the PUP Constitution, expels forthwith the Corozal South East Constituency Chairman and suspends that Branch Committee for failing to carry out the decision of the National Executive. Fresh elections will be held shortly to elect a new PUP Constituency Branch Executive in Corozal Southeast.
3. The National Executive directs the Secretary General to conduct elections no later than Sunday 30 November, for a new Executive, including a new Chairman for the Party’s Southern Caucus. This election is in keeping with an earlier decision that all Constituencies and Standing Units of the Party elect new executives committees and in consequence of the expulsion of Mr. Mike Espat as Chair of the Southern Caucus.
4. The National Executive has decided that the convention to endorse the PUP Municipal Election candidates for the Punta Gorda will take place on 7th December 2008. The current PG Mayor Carlos Galvez and his new team will be endorsed at this convention.

5. A Special Committee has been appointed by the National Executive to review party and government-related conduct of PUP leaders during the past decade. This Committee will review controversial decisions they took, in the context of the recent Miranda Report and taking into special consideration the Party’s Aims, Principles and Objectives. The Committee will require Party leaders to give a proper account for their conduct in this period.
6. The National Executive endorses the decision by the Northern Caucus to replace its Treasurer the Hon. Florencio Marin Jr., as a consequence of his breach of the National Executive directive.
7. The National Executive authorizes the pursuance of all legal options relating to the controversial ownership and management of the Party’s assets, as well as the accounting of the Party’s finances by previous party officers.
8. Letters of reprimand will be issued to current and former PUP Parliamentarians who attended this illegal convention.
Immediately following its meeting this morning, the National Executive briefed the Chairpersons and Representatives of 23 of the Party’s 31 Constituency Branches of its deliberations and decisions. These Representatives gave their unanimous support for the decisions of the National Executive. The gathering also agreed that any further breach of Party protocol would be met with stiff and swift penalties. That meeting also called on all PUP members and supporters to respect the decisions of the National Executive and to work towards victory for the PUP in the upcoming municipal elections.


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