Statement by the People’s United Party

Press Release – People’s United Party – November 18th, 2008 – The Leadership of the People’s United Party wishes to outline its official position on the reports of the imminent arrest of former Cabinet Ministers in connection with the diversion of Venezuelan housing funds to pay UHS-related debts and a press release yesterday issued by a group of PUP supporters:

1. The PUP recognizes the concerns expressed by the ad hoc group of PUP supporters calling themselves “PUPs Against Injustice;” the Party welcomes their activism and their loyalty to the Party by acting in the Party’s name.
2. While the ad hoc group is not an official arm of the Party, PUP members have a right to freely and responsibly express their opinions.
3. The PUP Constitution advocates justice for all Belizeans, not just high officials and it demands that these principles be embraced in government and not just in Opposition.
4. From the time of the initial threat of prosecution against former PUP leaders months ago, the Party took a position, which remains clear today: that holders of public office must be accountable for their actions; that they are innocent until proven guilty; and that they deserve a fair trial by an independent judiciary.
5. The Party seeks to re-establish a covenant with the Belizean people based on the recognition of where the Party lost their trust, on fighting UDP incompetence and victimization and on offering a credible alternative to the misguided UDP policies.
6. The PUP National Executive will continue to monitor the actions of the UDP government, mindful of its responsibilities to the national interests, the Party’s Constitution and members and the Belizean people.

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