Big Spending at the Radisson

Things are looking bad for tourism with a 5% drop in the first two quarters of the year, and small time tourism stakeholders are throwing in the towel. Hundreds have already lost their jobs and many more will be lost, but for the UDP, it is a time of plenty. Word is that the Minister of Tourism Manuel ‘Jun Jun’ Heredia celebrated his birthday a couple days ago, and threw himself a big bash out of BTB funds at the Radisson, no less. Word is that it was a free for all, with food and drinks flowing for all and sundry. So while poor Belizeans have to close their doors because the incompetent UDP administration is destroying tourism, the Tourism Minister is living it up at the Radisson on BTB funds…Happy Birthday, Jun Jun…all $40,000 worth…If da noh so!
Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr.
"Da soh???"

But while Manuel is drinking at the Radisson, more than likely he’s drowning his sorrows, cause San Pedro lady mayor Elsa Paz says that she is back in the race. Seem like those two can’t get along, and Heredia had his own candidates all lined up in a row when Paz announced that she would not contest the upcoming municipal elections. Tough luck, Manuel, and you better drink a lot more, cause you got a lot of sorrows coming in the days ahead. Word is already coming out of the BTB about the San Pedro land deal by the Holy Cross Anglican School and other deals…did you really think that putting a gag order in place at the BTB would work? Hell no! Enjoy your last days, buddy…If da noh so!

If da no soh - Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

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