San Pedro Vibes and Blog site launched

On Friday, October 24th, the People’s United Party (PUP), Belize Rural South, proudly launched its first-ever newsletter and blog site. This significant occasion marked the beginning of massive work to be undertaken by its Media Committee to keep the people of San Pedro, Caye Caulker, Belize and the rest of the world informed of the key issues and concerns affecting their constituency.
Members of the Executive, Martha Carillo, Jorge Aldana, Eiden Salazar and Andre Perez
Present for this special occasion were members of the media, representatives of the business community, party supporters, and friends. Making the presentations were Senator Eiden Salazar; Chairperson for Belize Rural South Andre Perez and Media Committee representative, Martha Carrillo. Special Masters of Ceremonies for the occasion was Press Secretary Jorge Aldana.

Chairman Andre Perez presenting a copy of the Miranda Report to representative for the Ambergris Caye Chamber of Commerce Jan Brown

The Belize Rural South PUP Executive believes in the importance of keeping everyone informed of its major accomplishments, as well as, providing an outlet for party supporters and friends to express concerns and questions regarding living conditions and other important issues which may be affecting our constituency.

Senator Eiden Salazar and Chairman Andre Perez welcome the gathering
As the PUP Belize Rural South embarks on these new initiatives on the information highway, they proudly introduced the first issue of the San Pedro Vibes Newsletter and their blog site which can be found at address:

President of the Belize Women's Group Martha Carillo and Press Secretary Jorge Aldana
San Pedro Vibes will be hitting the streets every other week while the blog site will be updated on a regular basis. All party supporters and friends are asked to contribute to both initiatives by submitting stories, photographs, discussions, questions and opinions as the PUP hopes that this newsletter and blog will truly be FOR and BY the people!

You are invited ...

Chairman Address

Message from the Chairman, Belize Rural South
In today’s day and age, it has been proven that no organization can move forward if it is to ignore or underestimate the power of electronic communication. The People’s United Party Belize Rural South has embraced this idea following closely on the suggestions by members in previous meetings held.

We present to you our newsletter which has been specifically designed to inform every one of the many activities that the PUP is planning to conduct which will lead up to Town Council Elections in March 2009. It also serves as a platform in bringing to light the many terrible conditions which residents are faced to live with on a daily basis, such as, the deplorable street conditions. However, what is most astonishing is the seemingly complete ignorance of this present UDP Town Council to address the people’s plight as they bicker relentlessly among themselves for power.

Ever since being elected to a second term, the UDP Town Council has virtually come to a halt. With the embarrassing and shameful conditions of the streets being at their worst, it is almost as if this present UDP Town Council has lost its limited will to serve the people. It is certain that they are riding on the assumption that the next election is just “a shoo-in” for the UDP. This, fellow residents of Belize Rural South, is not only downright unacceptable but also a perfect recipe for three more years of complacency and a non-productive Town Council.
The People’s United Party has also launched its blog which will keep you in line with the various happenings within the party. It will keep you up to date with the happenings within the PUP, with the issues that are close at heart.

The third and, of course, very important message I would like to convey is that the PUP executive is steadfastly working and taking very careful considerations in looking at prospective candidates to contest the upcoming Town Council Elections. As Chairman, I would like to assure you that we will definitely be presenting a slate which is of sound mind, accountable, transparent, and of strong ethical values. It will be a team that completely embodies the PUP motto: “SERVE THE PEOPLE.”

Should you have a concern or issue, we invite you to look out for any of our members of the Executive body and be not afraid to voice your concerns or suggestions. As you all can see the PUP is far into the race diligently working and reorganizing as we prepare to present a PUP slate worthy of being given the opportunity to humbly serve you at the Town Hall.

Andre Perez
The People’s United Party
Belize Rural South