First of all, WE extend well-deserved congratulations to Mayor Elsa Paz and Her Councilors on behalf of our team and all the PUP supporters we represent.

Democracy has once again prevailed and the voice of the people has been heard loud and clear. This is something that we should all respect and honor.

This, however, definitely does not take away from the fact that a victory has been won for the People’s United Party tonight in more ways than one.

We were successful in putting together a dynamic team of strong, dedicated and passionate experienced and young political aspirants. We thank them for all their hard work, their dedication and their love to our party. We were successful in reaching the homes of thousands of you during our campaign. Listening to your concerns has increased the impetus which will continue to push us towards a victory for the people soon.

We will continue to champion the causes of the neediest and the most forgotten ensuring that the Municipal Council provides them the fair treatment they deserve. Most importantly, a victory has been won because we have fought a good fight and we have succeeded in decreasing the gap sending a serious message to the United Democratic Party that the PUP is very much alive and vibrant.

Tomorrow the work continues for the People’s United Party…This is definitely not the end of our journey. WE want to thank all our PUP supporters and friends who came out in large numbers to show their confidence in our team and in our party. WE want to assure you that the hard work of rebuilding our party and strengthening our support base will continue.

Lastly, but definitely not least WE want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all our committee members, campaigners and supporters who have accompanied us on this journey.

And remember….PUP ALWAYS and PUP ALL the WAY!!!


On Friday, February 27th the PUP candidates for the upcoming Municipal Election were joined by over 400 supporters and friends of the party for its Massive Pre-Election Rally. The crowd was really hyped up and excited as the chant of 'PUP ALL THE WAY" were loud and confident.
Mayoral Candidate, Don Baldemar Graniel and his 6 Councillor candidates presently dynamic speeches full of hope, confidence and pride. Present for the special occasion was Party Leader, Johnny Briceno.

The amazing crowd and enthusiasm at the Pre-Election Rally was a clear and distinct message that come March 4th, the PUP will take over the reigns of the San Pedro Municipal Council.

Special thanks to all friends and supporters of the People's United Party. On March 4th vote PUP 7 ALL THE WAY!!!!