PUP's Distress Signal

Anyone seeing The Belize Times today would have read the front page as a distress signal. A full quarter page is occupied by a notice to party supporters advising them that Sunday’s Corozal Northeast Convention is null and void. If it seems a panicky move for a mass party, and it probably is, because despite bitter protestations from the Party Executive it appears that Florencio Marin Jr. will proceed as planned with his convention in San Joaquin Village.
And that seems to leave the executive in quite a pickle, because they can’t physically stop the convention, and so after it proceeds and Marin Jr. is endorsed – then what next? It seems John Briceno’s leadership will then either have to make peace or renew hostilities against the breakaway division.

Florencio Marin Jr.

And doing that means empowering or at least emboldening the old guard. And we say that because reliable reports say that former Leader Said Musa has been invited to speak at Sunday’s convention. That’s a report – and while it could not be confirmed – it raises so many politically intriguing possibilities – that it’s hard to overlook.

Florencio Marin Sr.

But by Sunday we will know and by Monday, we’ll have the breakdown of what happened and what it means for the PUP.

Channel 7 News
posted (November 21, 2008)

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