First of all, WE extend well-deserved congratulations to Mayor Elsa Paz and Her Councilors on behalf of our team and all the PUP supporters we represent.

Democracy has once again prevailed and the voice of the people has been heard loud and clear. This is something that we should all respect and honor.

This, however, definitely does not take away from the fact that a victory has been won for the People’s United Party tonight in more ways than one.

We were successful in putting together a dynamic team of strong, dedicated and passionate experienced and young political aspirants. We thank them for all their hard work, their dedication and their love to our party. We were successful in reaching the homes of thousands of you during our campaign. Listening to your concerns has increased the impetus which will continue to push us towards a victory for the people soon.

We will continue to champion the causes of the neediest and the most forgotten ensuring that the Municipal Council provides them the fair treatment they deserve. Most importantly, a victory has been won because we have fought a good fight and we have succeeded in decreasing the gap sending a serious message to the United Democratic Party that the PUP is very much alive and vibrant.

Tomorrow the work continues for the People’s United Party…This is definitely not the end of our journey. WE want to thank all our PUP supporters and friends who came out in large numbers to show their confidence in our team and in our party. WE want to assure you that the hard work of rebuilding our party and strengthening our support base will continue.

Lastly, but definitely not least WE want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all our committee members, campaigners and supporters who have accompanied us on this journey.

And remember….PUP ALWAYS and PUP ALL the WAY!!!


On Friday, February 27th the PUP candidates for the upcoming Municipal Election were joined by over 400 supporters and friends of the party for its Massive Pre-Election Rally. The crowd was really hyped up and excited as the chant of 'PUP ALL THE WAY" were loud and confident.
Mayoral Candidate, Don Baldemar Graniel and his 6 Councillor candidates presently dynamic speeches full of hope, confidence and pride. Present for the special occasion was Party Leader, Johnny Briceno.

The amazing crowd and enthusiasm at the Pre-Election Rally was a clear and distinct message that come March 4th, the PUP will take over the reigns of the San Pedro Municipal Council.

Special thanks to all friends and supporters of the People's United Party. On March 4th vote PUP 7 ALL THE WAY!!!!


Elsa Paz Quits Race for San Pedro Mayor
(Ambergris Today, sept. 12, 2008)

In an unprecedented turn of events, with information gathered from local news media, Mayor Elsa Paz of San Pedro Town has written to Party Leader Dean Barrow telling him that she is withdrawing her candidacy as Mayor.

Ms. Paz cites her reasons as personal and she expresses her discontentment with various reasons. She says she is not comfortable with the much infighting going on inside the UDP including the Executive Committee of the San Pedro UDP. There is so much infighting that they cannot even agree on the manner in which the UDP convention will be conducted. The good Mayor has also been facing a court injunction and court hearing from two UDP stalwarts, namely Kevin Gonzalez and Yolanda Parham. The Mayor was seriously offended when two of her councilors walked out of a meeting after loud shouting and much discontentment.

Reliable information informs us that there is a self-interested group inside the Executive that wants to oust the Mayor in favor of others who can be manipulated by the UDP Executive. Several names have been circulating including a member of the Guerrero family who is the son of “The Father of the UDP”, according to Area Representative Hon. Manuel Heredia.


On February the 26th, the People's United Party Team of 7 Candidates contesting the Municipal Elections of March 4th, 2009 confidently marched to the Town Hall to be nominated. They were accompanied by a huge number of supporters and friends of the PUP who came out to proudly and firmly accompany their candidates as they officially began their march to victory.

Mayoral Candidate, Baldemar Graniel, affectionately known by many as Don Baldi is a highly respected and accomplished leader in San Pedro. Without doubt, he is fully qualified and experienced to take over the much needed proper management of the San Pedro Town Council.
The people of San Pedro demand a change. After 6 years of mismanagement of the Town Council, the call for CHANGE...POSITIVE CHANGE. The PUP 7 team is READY, WILLING AND ABLE to take on that challenge and ensure that the people of San Pedro receive the respect, consideration and opportunities they deserve!!! PUP...ALL ABOUT QUALITY SERVICE TO THE PEOPLE

Launching of the Manifesto

The People's United Party
candidates cordially invite
you to the launching of the plan of
action today, Feb. 10, 2009
at 10:00 a.m. at PUP Headquarters.



PUP 7......ALL THE WAY!!!!


(Stories Courtesy Channel 5 News @

Christine Perriott asked to resign by Mayor Moya…

One day after the U.D.P. City Council kicked off its municipal elections campaign attempting to show some semblance of unity, Mayor Zenaida Moya finds herself once again at the epicenter of another controversy. This time there is plenty more drama and it surrounds the adversarial Human Resources Director, Christine Perriott who was asked by the mayor to resign. It is no secret that there has been bad blood between the two, and while Perriott says she won’t go her future at City Hall remains uncertain tonight. According to Perriott, the request was put to her on Friday and she was told that if she did not resign, the matter would be taken up in Cabinet. Perriott refused to step down and on Monday sent off a scathing letter to the Mayor accusing her of lying and alleging that Moya has been giving her a bad name and using her as a scapegoat for the mayor’s unpopular decisions.

P.U.P. candidates protest financial nondisclosure in O.W.

It is political season and around the country both the incumbent U.D.P. and the opposition Peoples United Party, are on the campaign trail for the March fourth poll. As the election heats up, the buzz words of transparency and accountability are resonating as audits of town and city councils are still pending and accusations of irregularities continue to surface. In the last showdown at the October, 2008 U.D.P. convention in Belize City, Mayor Zenaida Moya was accused of unauthorized spending. Today in Orange Walk, the U.D.P. controlled council was challenged for nondisclosure of overdue financial statements.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting:The heavy rains early morning did not deter a group of Orange Walkenos from protesting the failure of the Town Council to release financial statements of the Council. The group marched midtown to the Town Hall to present a petition singed by over 2000 persons to the U.D.P. Mayor Ravei Gonzalez. There have been rumblings of financial irregularities for some time and with the recent revelation of a loan made by the council from a Pawn Shop with a whopping fifty percent interest, the protesters were energized.

Ramon Cervantes, P.U.P. Mayoral Candidate:
“Since November fourteenth, I sent a letter to the mayor asking for disclosure of the financial statements and record from 2006 to presents. He answered me about the beginning of December in a letter stating that the statements have been published in a local newspaper; it didn’t give the edition, the date, anything. In other words, he told us go and find it if you want. I think this is ample time this is over two months and the people want to know. The loan from a pawn shop for nine thousand dollars and they paid at a rate of fifty-nine percent yearly interest. Now that loan, in addition to the loan being made at such a usurious rate, it was falsified also because the voucher said that the loan was made from and paid to the Orange Walk Business Association, which in the Business Association had no knowledge of it. Actually, it was a pawn shop they loaned it from so it amounts to falsification also.”