On Wednesday night, at the Lion’s Den the San Pedro Town Council presented its 2006-2009 Financial Report. In front of a live audience and on local radio and television Mayor Elsa Paz pulled a fast one on the residents of San Pedro.
Pretending to be smarter than the electorate...Mayor Paz pulls a fast one!

Mayor Paz and her Town Council failed to provide the real answers that the people have been requesting regarding allegations of mismanagement of funds resulting from recent Audit Reports at the Town Council.

Contrary to her promise to provide all the answers to questions that the Auditor General has raised and address any questions that residents of San Pedro and the media had regarding the Audit Report, Mayor Paz presented a long and elaborate financial report for her Council’s 2006-2009 Report to a small audience mainly made up of PUP supporters and Council employees.

The Mayor started off her report by indicating that previous reports have been presented under different circumstances and in different manners. She failed to recognize that transparency and accountability is not defined by presenting important financial reports on a talk show, newsletter or ad hoc meetings at the San Pedro Town Council. The Council’s failure to make published copies of these financial and audit reports says a lot about their lack of respect for the people of San Pedro. By asking people to write a letter, wait for an appointment; sit with Town Council clerks for a limited amount of time, Mayor Paz and her Town Council have the mistaken notion of what it means to truly and genuinely be open and transparent with their financial books.

Councilors were fast asleep during the Mayor's Presentation

Very evident was the lack of involvement in the discussions on the part of the Town Councilors who remained mute for the entire presentations. At some point some of them seemed very distant from the entire proceedings as they dozed off dreaming of making the illusive UDP possibilities a reality. Poised and ready to respond to all questions and to take advantage of the opportunity to blow his own horn was Hon. Heredia, Area Rep. and Minister of Tourism who appeared as Mayor Paz’ side-man and bouncer. Apparently, speaking of his accomplishments was supposed to over-shadow the fact that the Mayor can still not provide the true answers that the people of San Pedro are demanding.

Minister Heredia tried to steal the show from the SPTC

When asked about the answers to major questions raised by the Auditor General’s Report Mayor Paz tried to dodge this bullet by saying that these will be presented in a future meeting. Mayor Paz, the people of San Pedro and the electorate can not and will not be taken for fools. We are waiting for the answers and we will hold you to your word that another meeting will be held. Until then you remain quoted as “I have answers, I have answers”.

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