Auditor General Report

5.2 Non-collection of Outstanding Debt for Golf Cart: On 17th December, 2003 the Council directed the Town Administrator to draft a letter requesting the return of the sum of $6000.00 for the delivery of golf cart to the Council by an individual by the 31st January, 2004. On 14th March, 2006, the individual offered the Council a pickup valued at $7000.00 in exchange for the $6,000.00 debt he had for the Council.
In our initial report, the audit office requested responses to the following questions:
· Why was the individual paid the $6,000.00 up front without the golf cart being presented to the Council and examined by a competent mechanic?
· Why didn’t the Council purchase its own cart as it does with its other vehicles?
· Why weren’t legal proceedings instituted against the individual since the Council could prove, by way of paid voucher and cancelled cheque that he was paid for a golf cart that he did not deliver to the Council?
Has the Council tried to collect the $6,000.00 from the individual since 14th March, 2006? If not, what is its intention in finally settling this long outstanding matter?

5.3 Bank Reconciliation: During the period 1st April, 2001 to 31st July, 2006 it was noted that Belize Bank Account 5013496 was repeatedly debited in respect of dishonored cheques and up to the end of the inspection it was not seen where they were made good by the person/s involved. The Office of the Auditor General therefore suggested that the Council pursue all avenues in collecting these monies due the Council. Our office also recommended that the Council ensure that in the future cheques are cleared first by the bank before receipts are prepared and issued.

5.4 Survey Services: A total of $12,500.00 was paid to an individual for survey services around Caribbean Coves Sub Division and Ambergris Stadium. Audit visited the location but it was impossible to access as the area was a swamp. The Office of the Auditor General requested that the Council inform how they ascertained that the work paid for was carried out since no markers could have been seen.

Important PUP Meeting—Tonight
Location: PUP Headquarters, Angel Coral Street
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Date: December 1st, 2008

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