Municipal Elections will be held on March 4th and Mayoral and Councilor candidates are campaigning in an effort to get the support of the electorate. As a result Love FM has embarked on a “know your Mayoral candidate” initiative that will cover all nine municipalities across the country. We begin today with San Pedro. Incumbent United Democratic Party Mayor Elsa Paz along with her six councilor candidates are contesting the election for the third consecutive term. She is being challenged by former mayor Baldemar Graniel for the People’s United Party. We asked Graniel about his participation in this election:

Baldemar Graniel; PUP Mayoral Candidate for San Pedro Town

“I have been quite separated from politics for a while but seeing how things are going in my beloved San Pedro I think there is a lot to be done. I decided to go in and try to do something about it because I think that we are being neglected by this present town council.”

Graniel says he and his team will also focus on the overall improvement of San Pedro and this also includes infrastructure if they are elected.

“My plans are to work according to the needs of the people. The people just need to tell me what they need, what your priority is and we will work on that. We have street and drains, parks and parks and beaches and as a tourist destination we need to ensure that our town in clean. Better solid waste and garbage management and better management of the accounts. We have not had the budget of the town council reported to us. We used to have a simmer program for the youths, nothing like that is being done on their budget for this year or last year. We need to improve education and the health facilities here on the island too.”

“I know that I can accomplish a lot more than they have accomplished. We are working as a team for the last two years so I am asking the community to come out on March 4 and vote PUP seven.”

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